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Announcing the winners

Hey selfie lovers, thanks for sticking with us. The votes are in and the winners are up!

FYI, there are still 4 more Summer Jam hackathons left. Create your first API, become bionic, create artful maps, or build your Internet of things.

Winners - we'll reach out you soon about claiming your prize.

over 8 years ago

More Events and Chances to Hack

Hey Jammers!

Thanks for hacking with us this summer. We've locked the judges in together in a room and we won't let them out until they pick a winner.

While they're doing their thing, don't forget that there are more Summer Jam hackathons open right now:

Financial Literacy - powered by Venmo

Help your friends & family learn about and take charge of their finances. Ends June 29 @ 5pm ET.

Connect with your Team - powered by Twitter

Create apps & experiences that bring teams, fans, and players closer together. Ends July 6 @ 5pm ET.

And stay tuned

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Selfie apps due Monday @ 5pm ET

Hey Jammers, just a quick reminder that the deadline is coming up on Monday. Don't forget to submit your app.

And if you've got a minute between deploys & compiling, check out how Twilio's Greg Baugues taught his dog to selfie!

BTW, if you're in NYC (6/30) or SF (7/9), come to one of our happy hours at WeWork Labs!

Good luck and happy hacking!

~ Neal

over 8 years ago

Week 2 Wrap up

Ok Jammers, that's a wrap on week 2. Now, let's get meta: tweet me (@nealrs) a picture of your hack-in-progress or your idea and I'll do everything I can to help you out (except write your code). My noggin is full of ideas, repos, APIs, and tools.

For example, this hilarious wikiHow guide to taking better selfies.

BTW, the judging panel is made up of Matt Makai (Twilio), Nick Quinlan (Major League Hacking), Daniel Bean (Yahoo!), Alex Chung (Giphy), Julie Regina (IDEO), and Stacy-Marie Ishmael (BuzzFeed). Google 'em.

I know, I know, it's a 2MB gif, but it's worth it

Oh and one last thing! We just opened signups for our…

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Week 1 Wrap up

Hey Summer Jammers, week 1 of Reinvent the Selfie was great:

Remember, this is what we're up against:

It's time for a change! #NoMoreDuckFaces

~ Neal

over 8 years ago

Quick Start

Hey there Summer Jammers! Have you thought about how you're going to reinvent the selfie? Perhaps a meme generator? A follow drone that captures reaction selfies? Constantly mutating filters? Inserting yourself into stock photos?

We can't wait to see what you come up with. And to get those gears turning, we made a list of photo & video APIs, tech, and tools for you.

Thanks and good luck!

P.S. If your laptop has room, we want to send you an official Summer Jam sticker.